Direct Current Systems

To support voice networks and communications that depend on direct current equipment, Emerson Network Power has created a technological platform of direct current solutions under the name NetSure DC Power, based on product engineering of the most recognized brands such as Lorain, Actura, and PS.

NetSure mini211

The NetSure™ 211 series of compact -48VDC power systems combines reliable rectifiers with an accessible, advanced Ethernet controller. Designed for mini power applications, the system is available in two models.

NetSure 502

The NetSure™ 502 DC power solution is a flexible system capable of supplying DC power through the use of 2000 W eSure™ rectifiers and a variety of output distribution options. Our measurement of the most compact system is 2RU high.

NetSure 721

The NetSure™ 721 modular power system is the ideal solution for medium power applications; with high efficiency 3500 Watts or 2000 Watts rectifiers, and 1500 Watts DC to DC, it provides up to 4,000 amps of current for -48 Volts systems with a maximum of 930 amps at 24 volts.

NetSure 802

It is Emerson’s most recent high-density power system. A greater power plant flexibility is delivered in a centralized or distributed architecture. The system consists of individual power bays and distribution bays that can be configured to meet any and all application requirements.

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