Emergency and Continuous Service Power Plants, Transfers, and Passive loads

Power solutions based on highly developed technologies, which make it possible to sustain the load over long periods of time and secure, in a reliable way, the flow of energy to the critical systems that support the operation.


Modasa brand emergency power plants are cutting-edge equipment that meet strict standards such as IEC, UTE, NEMA, and ISO. They are available in capacities from 10 to 2800 kW.

Silent CTM

The prestigious Italian brand of Compagnia Tecnica Motori (CTM) generators provides stable and reliable electrical energy, while offering one of the lowest levels of audible noise on the market.

ASCO 185 Series

The ASCO 185 Transfer Series is the main link between the power plant control systems and the critical load.

ASCO 300G Series

The ASCO 300 G Transfer Series is built on a dual circulation architecture, with single solenoid, which provides an interlock without losing connection of the two sources, or without these coming in contact with each other.

ASCO 4000 Series

The ASCO 4000 Transfer Series is ideal for all types of applications, including those that use distributed generation. For this reason, it is available in configurations of the open, delayed, closed, and soft close type for the load.

ASCO 7000 Series

The ASCO 7000 Transfer Series performs a fast transfer between energy sources, regardless of amperage capacity. All transfer configurations are available with a bypass isolation transfer.

Stationary Avtron Load Banks

Power plants need a minimum of 30% load of its total capacity to operate efficiently and prevent accelerated engine wear.

Portable AVTRON Load Banks

Portable Avtron load banks are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for testing site UPS or electric generators.

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