Transient Suppressors

These devices are connected in parallel to the load boards. They have the ability to drive huge currents associated with high voltage transients (commonly known as voltage spikes) in order to drain them into the installation’s grounding system, preventing damage to sensitive systems; hence the importance of its implementation in the facilities.

Emerson Network Power (560)

Businesses today require greater protection of their equipment from power and voltage surges.

Emerson Network Power (510)

Emerson Network Power 510 suppressor is a multi-mode protection device that operates continuously to eliminate transients and noise on power lines. It uses a patented circuit to monitor the status of all protection modes, including the neutral to ground connection.

PowerSure Panel (320 / 330)

Electrical disturbances, such as voltage spikes can damage sensitive electronic equipment connected to the mains. This could cause loss of productivity of the systems and, thus, associated economic losses.

Islatrol RM Series

Islatrol RM line of protectors is ideal for protecting rack mounted equipment. All models provide 12 protected outlets, 10 in the rear of the unit, and 2 in the front, as well as status LEDs that indicate whether power is being supplied correctly to the unit.

Islatrol SP-6TVN

The SP-6TVN is a fault suppressor/filter industrial device that can be perfectly connected into a standard socket. It has mobile outlets for easy installation, even behind desks and other office furniture.

Liebert PSS Surge Protection Strip

The Liebert PSS Surge Protection Strip safeguards connected equipment from the harmful effects of lightning, spikes, and other problems of power quality.

Edco RM-CAT6-POE Series

The line of Edco RM, CAT6 series, high-speed protectors uses a three-stage hybrid topology to provide protection to multiple channels of data entering the rack. This product protects IT equipment against high-energy transients.

Edco RJA-RJD Series

The Edco RJA and Edco RJD series are four-pair protectors for telephone and data lines, which implement an advanced two-stage hybrid design.

Edco CAT6-5 POE Series

The Edco RM-CAT6 series device is designed to work on POE Category 6 transmission lines, as well as on Category 5 applications. It is ideal for protecting expensive equipment from overvoltage or transients that come from transmission lines when entering buildings.

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