The World of Modular Data Centers

The implementation of data centers is migrating from a traditional paradigm to a modular one. Modularity is turning data centers into fully integrated products, which stand out for being mobile, quick to install, and for having standardized designs. These characteristics are highly desirable in such a dynamic market as that of data centers, and modularity becomes a new trend that is here to stay. MarketsandMarkets analysts predict that this market will grow from $ 8.25 billion in 2013 to $ 40.41 billion in 2018.

Modularity has been changing data center architecture since 2007. Now these are fully integrated products that eliminate great part of customer responsibility and puts it square on the shoulders of suppliers. They are mobile products that are opening the range of data center applications, and the standardization of which causes this market to have an economy of scale very convenient for society.

In the coming years we will see an accelerated growth, with highly secure and innovative solutions designed for the Latin American market. The charm of modularity will gradually seduce the most skeptical to this new paradigm.


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