About the group

Grupo Electrotecnica is the market leader in products and services for protecting critical systems since 1975, and it is recognized for its innovation, quality, broad expertise, and highly qualified human resources. 

We are a constantly growing company, committed to offering consistently reliable turnkey solutions for data centers and other mission-critical applications that can be adjusted to the most specific requirements of each project. 

For many years we have been the exclusive representatives in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala of the prestigious Vertiv brand. 

We have grown thanks to the efforts and dedication of each of the company’s employees, but also by virtue of the trust placed on us by all the customers who put in our hands one of the most sensitive aspects regarding their operations: the continuity of all critical systems. Without doubt, thisisourtrue responsibility.

The most valuable, our people

Our human resourcesmake the difference.We encourageemployees’ professionaldevelopment and the creation ofan optimal working environment, prioritizing human talentand itscontinued growth,andwith a clear goal: quality service andcompetitive excellence, seeking to contribute to the developmentand the construction ofa better countryfor future generations.

Electrotecnica is aconstantly growing company, for which reason we look for peoplewith greathuman warmth, who are highlycompetitiveand ethical, who work in our team andwish to advancehand in hand withthe company.Here you will findtheinformation necessary to participateinrecruitmentprocesses.

You could be the next in our company

Constantly training


Human Resources


Competitive Advantage

A company is worth what its employees are worth. One of our pillars is supporting the personal and professional development of our employees and promoting people’s individual talent. For this purpose we promote creativity, research, training, and development. 


Excellence in Service


Our behavior is based on the principles of openness, ethics, and honesty, whichis reflected in thequality of our productsand services, as wellasin our relationshipswith customers, employees, suppliers, and the organization’s varying public.


Technological Innovation

Continuous Improvement

The key to fulfilling our commitment to progress is to develop solutions that anticipate and satisfy the needs of our customers with high-value products and services developed with the latest technologies of the industry, under the premise of innovation that motivates us.  


Somos expertos en asegurar la continuidad de negocios críticos con soluciones integrales e innovadoras


Ser el referente en Latinoamérica en la gestión de soluciones tecnológicas y sostenibles

Corporate values
  • Commitment to excellence and innovation
  • continuous accompaniment
  • passion to serve
  • team synergies
  • Loyalty in relationships

Regional experience

Significant effortis dedicated to servicing a regional market with increasingly globalized trade relations and needs, with projects in Costa RicaNicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemalawe exercise best practices for comprehensive critical operation solutionsincluding professional advice and reliable, highly qualified technical support.


We are authorized distributors of a range of equipment of known brands, accredited and certified by leading organizations in data center international standards and mission-critical applications.


Ready to use data center

Modular data center premium solution