What is NOMAD?

With NOMAD, the data center solutions of the future are at your fingertips.

NOMAD modular solutions enable growth at the required speed, so no space or economic resource is wasted.

If an IT module and a Power & Cooling module are placed in a Premium solution, a data center with N+1 redundancy in UPS and 2N in the precision air-conditioner unit is obtained. 



If an additional Power & Cooling module is placed, a TIER III solution is obtained with 2N redundancy in power plant, 2(N+1) in UPS, and 2N throughout the cooling system.

To grow in capacity, additional IT modules (with their respective Power & Cooling modules) can be placed.

In standard solutions, the entire system is integrated into a single module, the result being that little space is required for its installation.

  • It can be installed outdoors.
  • Modular.
  • Transportable.
  • High density: up to 6 kW/rack.
  • 100% autonomous electrical system.
  • Chilled water cooling system.
  • Biometric security.
  • Video surveillance.
  • Fire detection and suppression system.
  • Monitoring of equipment.
  • ​TIER III certifiable design by the Uptime Institute.
  • Savings in design time.
  • Considerable reduction in delivery time, compared to a traditional data center.
  • Rapid implementation, free of paperwork for permits.
  • Certifiable and standardized design carried out by experts, which guarantees high quality finishes and functionality.
  • Conflicts between suppliers when building the data center diminish, given that it is a solution manufactured in a controlled environment.
  • Adaptable to the growth and needs of your business, thanks to modular expansions.

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