New RECOPE Data Center Received an International Award

October 09, 2014

Last October 1st, in Mexico DF, a new RECOPE data center, built by Grupo Electrotecnica, received an international award in the category of Innovation in the Micro Data Center, from Data Center Dynamics, in the 2014 LATAM AWARDS, the most recognized awards in the data center industry in Latin America.  

Grupo Electrotecnica congratulates RECOPE and thanks it for entrusting the construction, implementation, and kick off of its data center, which has the Tier III design certification from the Uptime Institute.

The Innovation in the Micro Data Center category awards facilities that do not exceed 250 kW, and innovate to take on challenges such as use of space, energy distribution, and backup options, cooling, and other issues such as access and security. Most micro data centers are located in buildings the main goal of which is not to hold an IT facility, which further highlights the challenge involved in the design and operation of a micro data center.

The innovation award measures the technological contribution for this type of engineering. With this award, innovation, leadership, and the brilliant thoughts reflected in the development of RECOPE’s data center are recognized.

For its technological characteristics it was nominated in two categories: “Innovation in Micro Data Centers” and “Leadership in the Public Sector,” in which it will also receive recognition having been a finalist, along with 36 classifications in a total of 9 categories.
This modern data center was inaugurated last September 25 in El Alto facilities in Ochomogo de Cartago, and it will be used as an alternate processing center of company data, which will ensure the operations of the operations Distribution and Sales Management.
One more successful project developed by Grupo Electrotecnica, a leader in high-tech solutions for data centers and other mission-critical applications.

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