Historical review

Grupo Electrotecnica is a leader in providing high technology solutions for data centers and other mission-critical applications. Its first steps, growth and maturity, show us key moments that are part of the history and the success currently displayed.

Beginning Operations in Costa Rica

Electrical Engineer Fernando Hangen Peralta decides to establish Electrotecnica S.A. The company starts its operations by offering power supply protection equipment, air conditioning, and continuous power services.

Partnership with the Franklin Electric Brand

Year after year, the offering of solutions has been adapted to the needs of our customers and to technological advances. For this reason, since 1979, we have ventured into the market of computer protection, providing uninterrupted power units, and becoming the first company in Costa Rica to bring to the country a Franklin Electric three-phase UPS.

Partnership with Liebert Corporation

The main activity of the company concentrated on the sale of Franklin Electric UPS equipment, which were distributed at the time in a capacity range of 50 kVA up to 150 kVA. In 1983, Franklin Electric Company was acquired by Liebert Corporation, for which reason Electrotecnica expanded its offering and began to distribute precision air conditioners, in addition to other Liebert products.

Exclusive Distributor of Emerson Network Power

Emerson Network Power, a company of great international prestige and experience in the manufacturing of equipment to protect critical business systems, acquired Liebert. This afforded an increase in the supply of solutions offered to ensure continuity of critical-applications operations. Additionally, Grupo Electrotecnica was able to gain the trust of the transnational company and it was designated sole authorized distributor in Costa Rica.

Growth in Costa Rica and Panama

In a strategic decision, Grupo Electrotecnica acquired a property in San Jose and built its first facilities; subsequently, it purchased surrounding spaces, expanded its administrative facilities and service workshops, and ventured into a new market: Panama.

Strengthening in the Region

Free zones began to emerge in Costa Rica and the market began to reflect a substantial growth. Electrotecnica was no exception, because we changed the way in which the region saw mission-critical applications. We were the first to certify our staff as professionals in data center design.

New Market: Nicaragua

We expanded operations to Nicaragua (Tecnologia de Nicaragua S.A.), which has made further growth and positioning in Central America possible by tailoring our solutions to the needs of each country.

Industry Recognition

Emerson Network Power/Liebert has recognized Grupo Electrotecnica on several occasions, due to the excellence of its operations, and on account of its outstanding business performance throughout Latin America.

One of the main awards received was "The President's Cup Award"; Grupo Electrotecnica is the only Emerson/Liebert representative in Latin America to have been given Emerson’s highest recognition in the continent for its outstanding performance.

New Market: El Salvador, and Partnership with Modasa

Relations were started with Modasa, a leading Peruvian company in the manufacturing of power generators; this afforded Grupo Electrotecnica a strategic partnership and a growth maintained to this day in the marketing of this product. Furthermore, we ventured into a new market: El Salvador, under the trade name Electro ES.

Comprehensive Solutions for Data Centers

The first turnkey data center for CODISA Company was developed. For this reason, in recent years a new stage was begun in which we ventured into the design and implementation of data centers as an integral solution that ensures safety and continuity to customers’ businesses. After CODISA, we successfully implemented the main data centers in Costa Rica (FIRESTONE, GRUPO MUTUAL ALAJUELA, JASEC, RECOPE, BANCO POPULAR, CAJA DE ANDE, and FIRE BRIGADE). Currently, our main business is providing integrated solutions for data centers and other mission-critical applications. That year also, the company’s trade name was changed to Grupo Electrotecnica.

Inauguration of Liberia Headquarters in Guanacaste

Given the growth achieved, and with the goal of meeting the needs of the North Pacific of Costa Rica, a branch in Liberia was opened, in the province of Guanacaste, just 1 km east of the Daniel Oduber International Airport. The facilities comprise a physical plant of approximately 5000 m2, in which the administrative and technical areas and their warehouses are located.

That same year, other plots of land were acquired in San Jose to expand facilities, in support of the strategic management of the company.

Tier III Data Center

The Critical Colocation Data Center is inaugurated for the purpose of providing server placement services, private cloud computing, DCaaS, business continuity plans, connectivity, and 24/7 remote monitoring and support services. Located in San Jose, Costa Rica, the building consists of three (3) levels, and it houses the data center, the space for maneuvering, outer areas, cargo area, and offices.

The data center has an Uptime Institute Tier III certification. It is modern and it guarantees backup, connections to multiple providers of telecommunications services, and availability above 99.98%.

Launching of NOMAD

Grupo Electrotecnica develops a solution for modular data centers, according to the latest international standards and pursuant to the Uptime Institute requirements. It is characterized for being an All Inside, comprehensive, certifiable, and rapidly deployed solution, easily adaptable to business growth needs.

More than 40 Years of Leadership

Nowadays, Grupo Electrotecnica has 100% Costa Rican capital, the shareholders of which are members of the Hangen family: the founder and his 4 children. It includes about 220 employees, most of them engineers or technical personnel. Year after year, the company’s solutions have been adapted to customer needs and technological advances. The company enjoys great recognition thanks to factors like: technology, innovation, services, and highly trained human resources, in addition to expertise and leadership during these 40 years.