Integrated Solutions for Data Centers

We are authorized distributors of a wide range of equipment of recognized brands with a commitment to providing always reliable turnkey solutions for data centers and other mission-critical applications, to suit the most specific requirements of each project. 

Liebert Smart Row

The Smart Row solution is an integrated and intelligent infrastructure that can be assembled in a few weeks. It allows for the effective implementation and administration of an IT infrastructure, without the constraints of a building, as is the case with fire suppression and cooling systems.

Knurr DCM / DCF

With the Knurr DCM/DCD cabinet, equipment installation is simplified, cable management is enhanced, and visibility and control of the equipment in the cabinet is increased. The cabinet easily integrates power, cooling, and monitoring systems to provide full support to the equipment.

Liebert Smart Aisle

The Smart Aisle infrastructure optimizes installation and management of a data center through intelligent row-based system that integrates cabinets, power, cabinet cooling, aisle containment, monitoring, and control technology for centers of up to 40 cabinets.

Liebert MB

Liebert MB Busway provides high density distribution to the racks, while eliminating cable clutter, which could affect airflow. This modular system is easy to install and expand, with a variety of components in configurations to meet site needs.

Liebert FPC

The Liebert FPC is engineered to distribute energy to high-density data centers in a more flexible and efficient manner. It has capacity from 15 kVA to 300 kVA, 60 or 50 Hz.

Liebert FDC

The Liebert FDC extends the functionality of a normal distributor by containing models of 168 poles to 208 V to 60 Hz and 380-415 V, to 50 Hz, as well as models of 84 poles to 380-480 Hz in a single cabinet. It also provides additional distribution capacity for critical loads.

Liebert STS2

Liebert STS2 static transfer provides automatic and transparent transmission between the critical load and the outputs of two independent UPS in a double bus power configuration. If the primary UPS fails, the transfer will automatically move the load to the alternate UPS.

Liebert MPH

The Liebert MPH power strip is a flexible rack power distributor, perfect for IT operations projected for future growth. It offers socket-level control, monitoring of input options, busbar, and rack temperature and humidity.

Liebert MPX

The MPX power strip provides capacity to accommodate several modules that can be hot repositioned and with a reconfiguration option. It provides remote monitoring and socket level control, as well as monitoring of input options, such as temperature and humidity.

Knürr DI-Strip

The Knürr DI-Strip meets a wide range of distribution requirements for IT and other applications. This device offers output distribution in a sturdy packaging; it is available in both standard and high capacity models in a variety of configurations.

Liebert MultiLink

The Liebert MultiLink system is a software program that allows automated server shutdown. This aspect prevents this equipment from being unexpectedly disconnected, minimizing downtime, but in an orderly manner.

Liebert Nform

Liebert Nform is a network communications system, which makes it possible to take the best advantage of the capabilities of monitoring equipment connected to a network.


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