Precision Air Conditioners

The efficiency and performance of a data center depends directly on the way of maintaining the operating environmental variables of critical systems; precision air conditioning systems ensure real control of each environmental parameter, to enable efficient, reliable, and cost effective heat management of critical facilities, achieving industry-leading efficiency indexes (effective use of <1.1 energy), availability close to 100%, and up to 50% less in capital and operating costs.

Liebert CRV

The Liebert CRV is a self-contained cooling system, which is installed between the cabinets of a data center. This modern equipment provides high efficiency without compromising the operation of sensitive equipment.

Liebert CW

The Liebert CW is the quintessentially precision air conditioning solution based on chilled water. It is specifically designed to handle high thermal loads generated by sensitive electronic equipment.

Liebert HPM

The Liebert Hiross HPM is the precision air conditioner solution of the highest efficiency cabinet type. Its design adjusts the EC Plug Fan to different configurations of upflow discharge (upper unloading), downflow (discharge to the floor), front, and lower front discharge.

Liebert DSE

Liebert DSE precision air conditioner system from Emerson Network Power combines the industry’s highest operating efficiency   ̶ up to 70% more efficient than other technologies ̶ with the reliability and local expertise associated with Liebert products.

Liebert DS

Liebert DS precision cooling systems provide control over temperature, humidity, and airflow in an efficient, precise, and reliable manner for the proper operation of critical electronic equipment.

Liebert PDX/PCW

Liebert PDX and PCW compact designs offer the highest efficiency and capacity in conditioning solutions for small and medium IT quarters, telecommunications, laboratories, and industrial control processes.

Liebert Mini-Mate

Designed to provide precision cooling, humidity control, and air filtration to small areas such as computer, control, and equipment rooms, the Liebert Mini-Mate 2 models are placed suspended overhead.

Liebert DataMate

The Liebert DataMate models are designed to control temperature, humidity, and air filtration throughout the year in areas where people and electronic equipment must occupy the same space. Its low profile allows installation on the wall or floor and it requires little or no space.

Liebert HPC

The family of Liebert HPC chillers from Emerson Network Power is a flexible and useful solution for meeting every type of needs and supplying the cooling capacity actually needed. The chiller includes a great variety of models with capacities of 40 to 1600 kW.

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