Uniterrumpted Power System (UPS)

These systems sustain critical operations that quite simply cannot be interrupted. Grupo Electrotecnica offers a wide range of Liebert uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and power distribution units (PDU) for data center solutions or mission-critical applications.

Liebert GXT4 500 VA a 3000 VA

This UPS is one of the most accessible of its kind; it enjoys high capacity in combination with an equal-to-zero transfer, which ensures continuity of connected equipment.

Liebert GXT4
 5 kVA a 10 kVA

Liebert® GXT4™ is a true online UPS that provides continuous high-quality AC power to computer equipment without interruption when it comes to the battery. It protects equipment from power disturbances due to blackouts, brownouts, surges, or noise interference.

Liebert APS

The Liebert APS UPS reaches availability to ensure that both your critical IT and business functions are available and work as expected when there are power cuts and fluctuations.

Liebert NXr

The Emerson Liebert NXr presents an efficient, flexible, and comfortable network solution.

Liebert NX 480

The Liebert NX480 is a unit of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) with the option of connecting in parallel by capacity or redundancy. Batteries as a single point of failure are eliminated, because each UPS has its own battery bank.

Liebert NXL

The Liebert NXL UPS uses the latest protection technology to create a higher level of reliability and efficiency. It is useful for medium or large size applications. This equipment is designed to handle virtually any input condition and provide a stable output to the critical load.

Liebert APM (45 kW y 90 kW)

Liebert’s APM is a transformerless online UPS that makes possible quick and easy capacity increases by adding FlexPower power modules. This allows the UPS to expand its capacity or redundancy in increments of 15 kW in a single unit.

Liebert APM (150 kW)

The APM UPS is a compact system designed to operate with maximum energy efficiency and minimum floor print. Thanks to its flexible architecture, it is able to grow up to 150 kW in increments of 30 kW.

Liebert APM

The Liebert APM is the next generation UPS solution based on scalable energy platforms developed by Emerson Network Power.

Liebert NX (225 a 600 kVA/kW)

The Liebert NX UPS avoids power outages, guaranteeing efficiency and future flexibility of its data center infrastructure. It is an ideal equipment for: medium to large data centers, server rooms, telecommunications, production areas, and testing facilities and laboratories.

Liebert eXM 
(10 kW – 200 kW)

The eXM model is a free transformerless equipment designed with excellent efficiency in double conversion topology, with unity power factor and minimum floor print.

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