Power plants

General description

Modasa brand emergency power plants are cutting-edge equipment that meet strict standards such as IEC, UTE, NEMA, and ISO. They are available in capacities from 10 to 2800 kW. Among the major components, its modern microprocessor, located inside the electrical panel, which enables start-stop, both automatically and manually, stands out.

This machine is not only one of the quietest on the market, but also, it provides failover capability: it stops automatically when it detects low oil pressure, high water temperature, excess or low speed, or startup failure after three attempts.

  • State-of-the-art microprocessor.
  • Digital measuring instruments.
  • Structural steel rack with vibration absorbers.
  • Emergency stop button.
  • Compliance with industry standard for noise attenuation.
  • Startup batteries with stand and cable.
Technical features
  • Insulation class H/H for the alternator.
  • Permanent magnet alternator.
  • Motor cooled by water and dry air filter.
  • 70 dB sonic noise attenuation at 7 meters.
  • Power factor equal to 0.8.
  • Three-phase and single-phase connection.
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